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Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

The term Manual Lymphatic Drainage(MLD) describes how the treatment is applied - with hands. In Europe, Certified MLD practioners are found in the finest spas and Clinics of Lymphology. While it is a manual thereapy, MLD is not a massage directed at the muscles, and is gentle in camparison. The focus of MLD is on the lymph vessels just below the skins surface that contain your natural healling cells.

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic drainage can prove beneficial in a number of ways:

• immune system stimulation

• reduction in edema (swelling)

• regeneration of tissues (e.g., from burns and pre & post surgical scarring)

• reduction of symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia

• pain relief

• deep relaxation to aid insomnia, depression and stress

• prevention, treatment and control of lymphedema

• eczema

• anti - aging

• sinusitus

Research & continued studies reveal that MLD benifits over 40 conditions & growing.

MLD is not appropriate for people who would not benefit from increased lymphatic circulation, including those suffering from actue infection, congestive heart failure, untreated cancer (MD release required), and Deep Vein Thrombosis that is not treated. There are other considerations that may require a modification of MLD techniques which can be discussed further. If necessary, I will ask for permission to contact your physician in order to develop the safest and most effective treatment plan possible.

Full Body MLD or Head, Neck And Face MLD

First session $100 (can be combined with packages)

Following visits $85

Package of 6 $450

Package of 12 $850

Mini lymphlift $25 Can be added to most services.

Please call for infant/Pediatric Manual Lymphatic Draingage pricing.


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